10 points about ganesh chaturthi your children should know


10 points about ganesh chaturthi

  • Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated as birth day of ganesha
  • Ganesha is only God who is worshiped first “pratham pujya”.
  • Ganesh chaturthi is also known as vinayaka chaturthi.
  • ganesha chaturthi Mostly celebrated in maharashtra and india.
  • Ganesha is only god in hindu who has elephant head
  • Ganesha was never born like other hindu gods and they were created from the dirt of Goddess Parvati.
  • Ganesh chaturthi festival is 10 days festival in india.
  • Ganesha is Famous god among children.
  • The purpose of ganesh chaturthi to unite people of india against british government for independence.
  • The Favourite food of ganesha is modak.

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