Chinchpokli cha chintamani

chinchpokli cha chintamani

Chinchpokli cha chintamani

The Chinchpokli is known because of chinchpokli cha Chintamani. The Ganesh mandal has become the identity of the people in chinchpokli.

Chinchpokli cha chintamani estd 1920 mumbai maharashtra

Chinchpokli sarvajanik utsav mandal was established in 1920. A group of 20 – 25 people of mandal came together to start Chinchpokli sarvajanik utsav mandal.

The Chinchpokli cha chintamani is most renown and oldest ganesh mandal in Mumbai. It covers the area from Byculla to Sewri. Throne of Chintamani is about 23feet high.

Chinchpokli cha chintamani
Chinchpokli cha chintamani

Vasudeo Savant is secretary of the committee. According to him The people of Chintamani decided to established their own mandal. He said this Was the first mandal in south Mumbai.

All the other mandals of Mumbai came after this. The ganesh mandal collects the funds from around 4000 house. The fund is used for various social purpose.

There is a hospital just right in front of the mandal where those patient are being treated who can not afford the private hospitals. The patient gets subsidised medical services.

They also have built the library for the student to study. The money is also used for ganesh pandal decoration.

When it comes to ganesh Chaturthi the lakhs of people comes from far-off for blessing. According to committee member the faith of ganesha idol brings them in mandal.

The real meaning of Chintamani is that it takes away all worries and remove all obstacle. And this what people have actually experienced in their lives and believe in him.

This is the reason why chinchpokli cha Chintamani gets love and support.
The committee of Chintamani has around 150 members. Divided into 2 groups.

Chinchpokli cha chintamani
Chinchpokli cha chintamani

1. Core member
Core members will handle all the core work of ganesh mandal like fund collection, pandal decoration, Ganesh idol selection, etc

2. The another is supporting members
The supporting member will manage the ganesh devotees while having blessing.Ganesh aarti,pooja.

In this mandal there are oldest committee members of age around 50years old. One of the committee member laxmikant achrekar 32 years old said he is working at this mandal since childhood. He said he used to take part of everytype of competition being organized by mandal .

chinchpokli cha chintamani 2019 aagman date : The chinchpokli cha chintamani 2019 aagman date was around 11 August.

chinchpokli cha chintamani 2019 t shirt:
Every year the mandal prints their own T- shirts for committee.

chinchpokli cha chintamani official website :
The official website of Chintamani cha chinchpokli will be reveal soon.

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