Innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home

Ganesh Chaturthi Is One of the biggest festival of india. Many people bring Lord Ganesha at home and their arrival is also marked specially.

When lord ganesha comes then all people starts decoration with flowers, cloths and lights. Here you can find some Innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home.

Here I am going to tell you few innovative homemade Ganpati decoration ideas for home that will save your money and time.

Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers

When it comes to decorate ganesh pandal with Flowers there are plenty of option. Decorating ganesh pandal with flower will bring the positive vibes in home.

We have different variety of flowers to decorate ganesh pandals like roses, marigolds, orchids, mogra, hydrangea, daisies, and lots of more.

All these flowers Create beautiful welcome atmosphere for Lord Ganesh and make the home colourful.These are  ganpati decoration ideas with flowers will help you create enthusiasive atmosphere in home.

In first image you can see there is  artificial flower decoration for ganpati at home in background created with flowers. The white colour flower looks extremely shining over violet colour along with green petals.

I suggest if you are using artificial flowers make sure not to throw it away because it harm the nature.You can use these flowers year by year for every ganesh festival.

 artificial flower decoration for ganpati at home
artificial flower decoration for ganpati at home

In second image you can use flowers in background with shapes like circle,square, hexagone which is simple look to pandals.

ganpati decoration

In this image you can see you can create the square frame for ganesh pandals or a circular frame. You can use any color, It will give a great touch to the pandals.

homemade ganpati decoration ideas with flowers

homemade ganpati decoration ideas with paper

When it comes to homemade ganpati decoration ideas with paper we can find there is ocean of ideas related to this topic. As paper is a free material to use as decoration.

But here I suggest you can use the different variety of colors of paper.

ganpati decoration ideas with paper flowers

You can create ganpati makhar decoration with color paper as it looks good. Here in ganpati makhar photos you can see it. You can create flowers by using paper and can decorate in background.

As paper is degradable substance and does not harm nature so you can use it to make ganesh  pandals.

Ganpati Decoration ideas from waste material

Thousand tons of waste is being generated by us everyday most of the waste can not be recycled as it can not be decomposed like plastic.

If we will reuse plastic in decoration then it help nature, As plastic waste is free .

waste water bottles as decoration material

Plastic or glass water bottles that we throw away after use can be used artistically for decoration. Ganapati’s statue can be placed behind and around you, if you want, you can make series light or fill it with colorful water

ganpati decoration with plastic bottle

Coconut  can be used for hanging decorations together, the best thing is that coconut does not harm the environment at all.

ganpati decoration with coconut

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