Tree Ganesha an eco-friendly Ganesha will produce plant after immersion

Imagine … You have brought a beautiful idol of Ganapati to the house and after immersing it, a green plant has grown! This is Tree Ganesha ! Ecofriendly Ganesh.

Right now, there is enthusiasm for the arrival of the Republic. While bringing Ganapati, it is said that bring small idols of Shadu and celebrate the eco-friendly Ganeshotsav.

However, the plaster of Paris statues is high. Immersion of such Ganesh idols has a detrimental effect on the sea, the lake and the environment as a whole.

Tree ganesha

Dattadri Kothur, a young man, wanted to do something to prevent this pollution. He figured out an ingenious solution to this and made eco-friendly Ganesh idols.

These idols are made of red clay. Organic dyes are also used to color it. Once the idol is made, the seeds are planted in it. Organic fertilizers are also added to make the plants grow.

The immersion of this Tree ganesha is not done in water but it is done by bathing the father in water. Within four or five days, beautiful statues of plants grow from these idols!
Dattadri Kothur started this tree Ganesh in 2015. Now they have great demand for these Ganesh idols.

Ganapati Bappa Morya … will send a message to the devotees, saying that early next year. And even this Ganesh goes to the devotees with such a green blessing.

How to make tree ganesha at home

here are 3 easy steps to make tree ganesha at home 

1. You can build ganesha idols with red soil and mixed with organic fertilizer. Now mix the water with the soil and make it mould able to give it form of ganesha.

2. Sow the seeds in a pot and place the idol on top of it. Otherwise you can add the seeds in middle of the idol of ganesha. 

3. At the day of ganesh immersion worship the idol and by watering the idol everyday the form of the oil mixes with pot, leading to germination


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